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​3D printed metal part

3D-Druck - Kühlung für die additive Fertigung

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Ask the Expert

Guido Plicht
Guido Plicht

Commercial Technology Manager – Europa

How does gas affect the quality of my additive manufacturing process?

As with other traditional methods of prototyping and manufacturing metal parts, the proper gas atmosphere is critical for producing quality products. Nitrogen and argon are commonly used to provide inert atmospheres during additive manufacturing. It is important to use the correct flow rate and purge duration to avoid deformed parts and ensure a safe production environment. For example, high oxygen content in the atmosphere will result in oxidation of the powder metal leading to poor part quality, clumping in the powder feed, or high porosity in the end product. It will also reduce the amount of recyclable powder for future use. Inerting is also critical for proper management of the combustible dust arising from the powder metal and printing process. Post treatments after printing may require industrial gases, depending on the application.

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Die Rolle von technischen Gasen beim 3D-Druck von Metallteilen

In der Welt des Rapid Prototyping und der Produktion von komplexen Metallkomponenten ist es wichtig, die richtige Gasatmosphäre einzusetzen, um hochwertige Teile effizient zu produzieren.