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Matt Pearce

“Air Products is a company that fosters my desire to be the best at what I do and helps as well as encourages its employees to achieve this.”

Matt Pearce, British
Business Analyst

Matt commutes to work by bike, beating traffic and helping the environment.

The story so far
I have been with Air Products for 26 years. I started as a cash allocation clerk within a business division. During 16 years in the UK at the company’s European headquarters, I held eight different positions within the finance function. I then left the UK to become part of a project team, first spending six months in the U.S. and then six months in Barcelona. At the end of the project, I stayed.

Career inspiration
Air Products people naturally foster and nurture those that show willingness. If you are eager to learn and progress you have no trouble finding people who want to help you to do that. In my experience managers in general want their people to succeed and are motivated to mentor and coach.

The people
What makes me most proud of the Air Products people? Their ability to be helpful, courteous, ethical and to maintain a great working environment despite being highly competitive.

Most memorable moment
My biggest international project by far was the SAP release in Southern Europe. It was special for the time spent living in the U.S. and Barcelona, and working in a highly charged environment with tight deadlines, fast decision making, steep learning curves and an overall desire to achieve as a team. It made me feel like an important part of the company for the time of the project and its future.

Future career
The opportunities that I know can become available should I desire to embark on a different course.

Favourite benefit
I have been fortunate to spend my main time with the company in two offices that offered shower facilities. This is great for those like me who like to cycle to work.