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Ada Julia Poborska

“I count myself very lucky to work with people who are professional.
We work under pressure and it is important when you can trust your
team and colleagues.”

Ada Julia Poborska, Polish
Liquid Bulk Scheduler

Ada schedules truck deliveries, making sure that our molecules get to our customers.

The story so far
I worked in a senior position in the Liquid Bulk trip closing team for the first three years and have been a Liquid Bulk Scheduler for two years.

Why Air Products
In my case, it was a pure accident. I came to Air Products right after graduation. My job now has nothing to do with my studies, I graduated from Faculty of Law and Administration.

About the people
I can count on support from my more experienced colleagues and Team Leader. They always remind me that I am not on my own, there is always a solution and lesson to learn when things go wrong.

Most memorable moment
Changing department after the first three years was for now the most memorable moment. I made some friends there, the atmosphere in the team was unique and it was a little sad to leave.