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Learning, Training and Development

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Learning Development


We believe learning is a life-long process. We help our people develop their talents and skills by offering resources and tools to enable them to realise their full potential:

Air Products' Learning — Provides numerous services and resources to help our employees grow and develop through learning, connecting people, and finding knowledge. We go beyond traditional training to capture informal learning, best practices and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Performance Development — Performance Development is designed to develop employees through regular feedback, coaching, and recognition, and in doing so, help raise the performance bar for individuals and for the company.

Global Mentoring Programme — With around 20,000 employees globally, we have a wide range of experience that our people are encouraged to share with each other. Our global mentoring programme provides the opportunity to connect and help each other progress their careers.

Informal Learning Communities — to provide members an opportunity to exchange information about a certain topic.

Tuition Reimbursement — We support continuing education as a way to support our employees' professional development to better prepare them to meet current and future business needs.